Uprawa pieczarek Tenderenda

About the company

UPRAWA PIECZAREK TENDERENDA Magdalena Tenderenda is a modern, and at the same time family farm that specialises in cultivation of white mushroom.

The beginning of the mushroom-growing cellar was in 2001 but its construction and the present condition based on full automatics and climate control are the result of the experience taken from the mushroom-growing family tradition dating back to 1970s.

We produce 400 tons of mushrooms a month on almost 18000 m2 of the growth surface.

Our farm pursues a common trade policy with Sebastian Markiewicz Mushroom Cultivation from Dobroń, which allows us to obtain the sales at the level of 800 tons a month.
We jointly operate on the market under the Eurofungi Sp. z o.o. brand.

Due to the fact that we sell the mushrooms cultivated in our own mushroom-growing cellars, we are able to provide the clients with the highest quality, fresh mushrooms in a very short time from the moment of harvest.
We have a necessary knowledge and experience regarding the production, packing and delivering the highest quality goods to clients who are sometimes thousands kilometres away from us.
We cooperate with many clients from the EU (Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavian countries) as well as with the retail chains and supermarkets in Poland. 
We continuously meet the needs and expectations of the present, demanding market by increasing the production, employment and by obtaining new qualifications supported by the appropriate certificates.

All parties interested in cooperation are invited to visit our offer at the Eurofungi webpage or contact us via telephone or e-mail.


We care about the highest quality of the offered products, which is attested by the certificates acquired by our company.

Since 2005 the plant has had the implemented and annually certified system that ensures the food safety for agricultural production GLOBAL G.A.P. (previously known as EUREGAP).
Due to growing requirements of our consumers, since 2007 we have had the implemented and also renewable Tesco Nurture (Tesco Nurture’s Choice) certificate.

In 2014 we implemented and certified the HACCP system, which is the confirmation of the processes of sorting, bulk breaking, storing and delivering of mushrooms by our plant to the final consumers.

We also possess the Field to Fork certificate, which is issued by Marks&Spencer retail chain. It confirms the presence of our products on the GB market and the trust that we are given.

In 2018 we acquired a Waitrose certificate. Waitrose is a network of stores in the English market, which offers high quality products. Suppliers of fresh products and ready-made meals have to pass a Waitrose audit, which is focused on verifying documentation, quality of products, examining a workplace and investigating safe, compliant with regulations, treatment of employees. We are proud that Our Farm meets these standards.

In 2019, we obtained the GRASP certificate, which is a risk assessment regarding social practices. Manufacturers using GLOBAL G.A.P. certification can voluntarily use the GRASP assessment, which directly relates to the manner of ensuring the safety of employees and respecting their rights. The GRASP certificate confirms good practices of employment on the farm.

We constantly face the needs and expectations of the present and demanding market, by acquiring new qualifications supported by the proper certificates.


Magdalena Tenderenda

Wronowice, ul. Folwarczna 25,  98-100 Łask

NIP No. 831-151-38-17
REGON No. 472935067

tel.: +48 43 675 45 66
fax: +48 43 676 22 99

Location coordinates:
N 51° 37' 1.574''
E 19° 9' 34.801''

Plant manager:
Paweł Borowski
tel.: +48 697 69 68 68
e-mail: pawel@tenderenda.pl

Front office:

Working hours:
From Monday to Friday
07:00 – 15:00

Beata Niezgodzka
tel.: +48 43 675 45 66
e-mail: bsocha@tenderenda.pl

Joanna Pałuszyńska
tel.: +48 43 675 45 66
e-mail: joanna@tenderenda.pl

Daria Jaworska
tel.: +48 43 675 45 66
e-mail: daria@tenderenda.pl

Katarzyna Olejnik-Jędrasik
tel.: +48 43 675 45 66
e-mail: katarzyna@tenderenda.pl